3 Compelling Reasons to Have Your Dog Trained Now!

Did you know that dogs were the first animals ever domesticated by humans? According to Boehringer-Ingelheim, this historical fact dates back to over 30,000 years ago, long before horses (and probably cats) were domesticated. It’s no wonder why a personal dog trainer exists – the profession has existed for millennia! But truth is, as much as we love dogs and that so many dogs have become a part of our homes, only 4 percent of dogs in the United States take a training class according to a 2015 survey of the American Pet Product Association National Pet Owners Survey cited by Dogster.

Lack of dog training may not really be a huge issue (unless you and your dog have a terrible relationship) but there are such huge benefits for having them trained. It’s like unlocking their full potential and maximizing their capabilities. Here are three compelling reasons why it would be better to take your dog to a canine training school.

A trained dog can be more sociable

While we say that all dogs indeed go to heaven, while on Earth, some can be quite unfriendly. Just like humans, they have different temperaments and attitudes. Dogs may not be wild but they’re also not automatically sociable. Some may be too sociable as well. So while dogs generally are some of the most human-friendly creatures, they can also cause harm if untrained or threatened. You may ask yourself, “Do I need to take my canine for dog training near me?” The answer is yes especially if you see that your dog is unable to interact and socialize well.

A trained dog can strengthen your relationship

It’s true that owning a dog can be a boon and bane. The outcomes are different for every dog owner. Generally, humans and dogs really get along really well. But in some cases, dogs can dominate humans to the point that it drives the owner mad. This is when a personal dog trainer or dog whisperer can help. Dogs need to know their role in your household and how to properly develop a respectful and loyal relationship with the owner and his or her family.

A trained dog can save your life

We cannot deny that dogs are indeed heroes in so many ways. They play an important role in our society, whether by sniffing bombs or drugs or assisting people with disabilities. With a trained dog, your life can even be saved in times of emergencies. In the UK, dogs are being trained for medical detection. With their powerful sniffing abilities, they can alert their owner if something is not right with their health condition. While this is not yet accessible to most people, a personal dog trainer can provide the dog enough skills to help and assist owners especially in times of danger or emergency.

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