3 Hacks to Support Your Fitness Goals this 2021

While 2020 proved to be a challenging year for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 holds a lot of promise and hope with COVID-19 vaccines rolling out globally. People are striving to live healthier lives by wearing masks, staying at home, and even choosing a fitness meal delivery instead of dining in restaurants. This lifestyle shift is reflected in an international survey. The New Daily reports that being healthy and taking measures to prevent COVID-19 topped the survey of 2021 New Year’s resolutions worldwide with 22 percent of respondents. Spending more time with loved ones came in second with 16 percent while appreciating things and exercising more came in third and fourth with 11 percent and 10 percent respectively.

With COVID-19 forcing people to shelter in place, being active and fit became difficult indeed. Australians had to resort to working out at home, create makeshift gym equipment, or join dance classes online just to make sure that movement is still part of their daily routine. Ordering healthy home-delivered meals in Sydney has also become a habit for many, as people become more conscious of their nutritional intake. But meeting this year’s fitness goals may need to be more than just exercising. Here are some activities that may just help.

Keep calories in check

The pandemic has prompted many people to forego the usual routines and habits. One of them is staying on track when it comes to food consumption. Some have resulted in binge-eating as a way to cope with stress while some just don’t care anymore. Those extra pounds gained in 2020 can easily be shed off by keeping calories in check. Calorie tracking apps are helpful as well as ordering a fitness meal delivery with the measured calorie count.

Build up on protein

Carbs are easily the go-to comfort food for many people. There’s ice cream, chocolate, cakes that are based on sugar, when broken down by the body, they become carbs. While carbs help very much in giving the energy our body needs on a daily basis, consuming too much can lead to weight gain. If you want to lose weight, focus on consuming more protein which can be done through ordering muscle food delivery meals.

Create an eating window

Surely, 2020 has become a perfect excuse for many people to snack a bit during midnight while binge-watching on a Netflix series. Sheltering in place seemed to be more like an extended vacation giving the mental excuse to just eat any time. 2021 however, calls for more discipline if fitness goals are to be achieved. As a famous quote says, “We eat to live and not live to eat.” One way to be in control of your hunger urges is to create an eating window which usually begins at 9 AM and ends at 6 PM. Anytime outside these hours, you are fasting. As such, your fitness meal delivery should only be done within said hours to prevent temptation.

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