About Us

This blog that you are reading right now is authored by professional health workers, medical specialists, nutritionists, dieticians and health-conscious individuals who have gained their knowledge and education about good health and wellness from various prestigious universities around the globe. These individuals who have gone through vast experiences on weight loss methods and approaches would like to share their learning to you, readers so that in one way or another, you can be helped and guided correctly on your path to weight reduction.

Contributors to the pages of this site such as doctors and medical practitioners, obtained their degrees from reputable medical schools around the world. Being able to complete medical schooling and accomplish required internship, they are considered as experts in their own fields. Hence, their contributions to this site are certainly reliable and worth-reading.

Other authors to this page are overweight patients who have achieved successful weight loss, which is a result of appropriate medication and compliance to proper food intake and wellness. Being able to succeed in their pursuit of their ideal weight, their stories serve as a motivation to readers who are experiencing weight problems at present. Thus, their stories and advices can be of great help everyone, whether you are obese or physically fit.

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