An Insight Into Some Of The Latest Fitness Trends – Along With Some Physical Fitness Tips


Over the past two decades or so, major strides are being made in health and fitness as a result of increased research in the fields. New fitness routines and practices are continually being developed to increase the effectiveness of the routines. Research has also been able to determine exercises to boost specific areas of the human body. We shall be looking into the latest fitness trends that you may have had about along with some physical fitness

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
This is a workout routine that alternates between short, high intensity bursts of activity followed by a short period of low intesity moves or complete rest. HIIT classes are increasing in popularity because the of the wide range of moves mean that people won’t get bored by the workout. Also, the big number of moves means that a lot of the body’s muscles will have benefited.

Cross Fit
Cross fitting involves going to a gym and performing a workout of the day routine. Moves may include press ups, pull ups, sit ups and even some Olympic routines. the trainers or coaches at the gym may also add their own routines as challenges, for example lifting bags, aerobics or even sprinting. Cross fit has become popular because it cultivates a competitive atmosphere but yet supportive. Cross fitters usually do so in groups. But one has to be careful not to sustain injuries as a result of pushing yourself to the limits.

The Tabata Protocol
This was developed by a Japanese fitness researcher named Izumi Tabata. He was working with Olympic speed skaters and he developed a short, high intensity routine for them which was found to be able to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity as well as building muscle. The routine is as follows: for four minutes you alternate between 20 seconds of intense activity and 10 seconds of rest. This routine is one of the simplest yet most effective.

The ViPR (Vitality, Performance and Re-conditioning)
The ViPR is a large rubber tube that may seem useless to some at first glance. But it has 9000 potential moves which can be used by a trainer to get someone in an amazingly good shape. The moves include rolling, swinging, dipping, carrying, tilting, throwing, flipping and dragging. The ViPR incorporates legs, arms and the core. It involves the whole body and therefore one does not get sore muscles.

To achieve results with these new techniques one should try to be actively working out for at least three hours a week. Make sure to perform aerobic workouts each week too and incorporate workouts for the muscle and bones at least for two days in a week. It may seem tedious but dedication and discipline is the key to maintaining the results. These are some of recommended physical fitness tips. One should also join a workout group or even a sports team to ensure one remains active. So join the bandwagon of these latest fitness trends. These are shorter duration workout sessions yet are very effective at maintaining physical fitness.

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