Benefits of Creating a Balance Between Strength & Endurance


cardio1To lead a healthy lifestyle it is important to exercise. With our fast changing eating and sleeping habits it important to have a good health and fitness regime in place. Regular exercise not only lowers the risk of chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease but also helps you lead a stress free life.

One aspect of improving your physical fitness is to work on muscle and strength. Now it is widely believed that when you build on muscle and strength you tend to ignore your endurance power.

It is really about maintaining a delicate balance when you train for strength and endurance. However, if you do manage to strike a balance between the two then you may well go on to have a perfect physique with an athletic body.

There is, however, a notable difference between the two types of training. If you want to gain on strength than you must use heavy weight and do less repetitions with it. And if you are looking gain on endurance power than pick up lighter weight and do more repetitions with it.

When you gain on strength, it means that you can apply maximum force for a limited period of time to get the desired result. On the other hand, endurance is about doing some repeatedly time and time again without getting tired. For instance, when you rum that marathon, it is your endurance that helps you reach the finish line. Skiing and football is among many other sports that require endurance to succeed.

When you are in the gym there will be many people who you will see are training for strength and others doing endurance exercises. A mix of both exercises will help you build on both muscle and endurance. Both these types of training have their own special benefit. Here are some advantages of both strength and endurance exercises.

Regularly performing strength training leads our muscle to responding in two ways. One, by lifting heavy weight, we tend to challenge our muscle which in turn destroys it for the good of our body. This loss of muscle makes the body to start repairing the damaged muscle and thus increasing in size and strength.

It is important that when you are exercising you incorporate in to your regimen both forms if training, strength and endurance. This is because you never know when you will have to face a situation that will need you to use both strength and endurance.

It is misconception that lifting up f heavy weights leads to making your muscles bulk up. This is not true. Men they have a tendency to bulk up when they use heavy weights. The testosterone level when high in the body it leads to the body bulk up on lifting heavy weight. Women, however, have a low level of testosterone. So, the main thing is to have a proper balance in your exercise regime and it is not about strength vs. endurance training. Create a balance and live a long and healthy life.

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