Closer Look at What Goes Inside Fitness Retreats

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Everybody is talking about fitness retreats and it looks like its popularity is giving health and wellness another identity.  Example of fitness retreats is fat farm, weight and boot camps that are tagged as one stop for health and fitness activities. You might be familiar with physical fitness activities in gyms like cardiovascular and strength gains exercises and might be wondering what goes inside a fitness retreat. To give you a closer look, here are the activities that are mostly incorporated in a fitness and wellness program inside a fitness retreat.

Physical fitness and sports

trainerA fitness program in fitness retreat or fat farm is established with a “where the mind goes, the body follows” approach. Physical fitness and sports aimed at improving both physical and mental health is part of fitness retreat program. Most notable form of physical fitness is walking, dancing, hula-hooping, body sculpting and Zumba and Barre classes. These physical exercises target women who have issues fighting depression, reducing stress and anxiety, and results are toward losing weight and improving moods. These physical exercises also deal with self-care that is essential in establishing a healthy well-being similar to health camps.  On the other hand, participation in team sports activities are encouraged by providing on-site sand volleyball court, ball field, badminton and low rope course.

Low rope courses are with challenges that encourage participants to attempt new problem-solving methods in order to achieve success in their weight loss goal. Each low rope course is with skilled facilitators who use several ways in presenting challenges leading to overcoming weakness and in becoming a stronger individual. Throughout the course, participants in a fat farm discover the similarities between the challenges in the course and those that they face in their daily life. The variations are limitless and dependent on the capacity and skills of facilitators as well as the participants.

Residential wellness and fitness program

Most fitness retreats are nestled on natural beautiful environment and mostly secluded and away from the physical and mental disturbances. The natural beautiful environment is connected to the calming and relaxation that is essential to healing emotional, mental and physical breakage. The program is usually a week long activities for weight loss, and accommodation includes all food and nutritional advice and after-care package.

After-care activities are health and wellness information including learning how to cook delicious calorie-controlled meals that are easy and simple. Education on healthy eating pattern at home is also part of aftercare program and a regular offer on weight loss camps.
Unlike regular gyms and fitness centers, fitness retreats’ programs encourage participants to change to healthier living long after they have left the retreat.

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