How to Treat Skin Pigmentation


Excess skin pigmentation happens when there is an unusual manufacturing and placement of melanin by its source, melanocytes. These are the cells that manufacture pigments in the skin. Skin rejuvenation may play a big part in restoring the correct color of the area affected. The amount of melanocytes is the prime determinant of the color of the human skin. The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the more melanin is produced. It is also the primary defense of the skin from harmful elements.

When melanin goes into hyper mode, the skin affected becomes darker than the rest just like when you get sunburned at the beach. The good thing is that there are treatments like skin rejuvenation available to counter and cure hyperpigmentation. This will result in a more even color complexion. But, when it comes to raised pigmentation, there are other types of treatment for these.

What happens in Hyperpigmentation and what is the root cause of it? This happens when the melanin content of the skin affected gets overwhelmingly high. What happens next is that the melanin then binds together into groups therefore creating skin segments that are brown or black and can be countered with skin rejuvenation among others.

There are a lot of possible causes for this condition. But the prime reason for this is the excess amounts of ultra-violet rays from the sun. Other causes are trauma on the area affected usually caused by physical trauma like shaving and rubbing, chemicals, and acne conditions. Then there are hormonal changes in the body system that is usually present in pregnant women. Acquired pigmentations like birthmarks happen at birth or surface anytime during the growing up stages until late teens. All of these can be treated with Skin Treatments Top Ryde.

There are a number of treatments aimed at curbing this condition of the skin. The first is topical cream that has whitening capabilities that eventually makes your skin complexion even. However, this type of treatment does have its barriers as it can only do so much in taking out the dark spot.

The second type of treatment is through laser treatment. One of the treatments in this type of cure is laser hair removal because hair follicle sometimes contributes to the darkening of spots on the skin. Those who prefer laser treatment have to go through a recovery period that will allow the area of the skin to heal and rejuvenate. Both these treatments can be done on the face or in any part of the body.

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