Factory Explosion, Two Men Burnt

A factory explosion burnt two men in West Sydney on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, at around 4:20 pm. The injured men were brought to the hospital for treatments as the Sydney business park got busy dealing with the fire emergency.

The two men got seriously injured, one with burns that covered about 36% of his body and another with 18% burns. They are both declared in critical condition at the Royal North Shore hospital. Meanwhile, the Sydney business park in Warren Road, Smithfield, was left to deal with a chaotic traffic, with the Cumberland Highway closed to all vehicles for the entire evening rush hours.news2

The cause and origin of the fire are yet to be determined by the NSW Police due to the extensive damage. Words about a gas bottle explosion causing the fire, however, have not been confirmed. The incident is currently under investigation through the joint forces of the police and the Fire and Rescue NSW. One thing is certain, though, the Sydney business park would have to re-evaluate and reinforce its fire safety measures.

Keeping the Workplace Safe from Fire

Fire safety is a very important concern among business owners. The standards put in place are meant to prevent incidents, such as the recent factory explosion that seriously burnt two men and significantly interrupted the business flow in Warren Road.

If you have a plan for growing Sydney and keep its businesses thriving, you must take note of the following tips:

  • Keep the fire safety precautions in full working condition. Fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency exits, and other fire safety features will not work efficiently if they are not in their proper places or in their best fighting forms. You must remember to keep them well maintained and constantly checked.
  • Keep the electrical hazards in check. Faulty electric wiring and malfunctioning equipment are just two of the common causes of the fire that occurs in the workplace. Interestingly, they are both sourced from faulty electrical systems. Make sure that your company has efficiently enlisted a certified and experienced electrician to keep an eye on such things.
  • Make good housekeeping a habit. There is so much that improper waste disposal and a cluttered surrounding can do to put your company at risk for fires.

Fire cannot only disrupt the smooth flow in your company. It could also put the entire business, your possessions, and your employees at serious risk. Do not let anything like the factory explosion in West Sydney happens before you make significant moves to keep your workplace fireproof.

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