Looking for the Best Gutter Guards

Hard to reach, yet integral to keeping your house clean and damage-free, your gutters should be made to withstand a lot. Weather changes can bring in all sorts of debris, so it’s best to install a gutter guard to prevent any serious damage these can bring to your gutter system.

The main purpose of a gutter system is to redirect water collected from the roof away from the foundations of your house. Without the use of gutter leaf protection, your gutters get easily clogged with leaves, dirt, and similar things that could build up and block the water from correctly flowing outside the channel. This can cause structural damage at the foundation where it soaks up water, or cause mold to form where it pours over instead.

Gutters are also often held in place by wooden boards. When the gutters clog, water pools around the blockage and the boards absorb it, which can cause it to rot. This can lead it to collapse without proper gutter installation; if possible, replace or reinforce the supports with a waterproof coat to make it last longer.

Aside from water damage, a good gutter guard can prevent ice dams from forming during winter. Ice dams tend to form on lower edges of roofs or in the gutter system itself. A gutter guard can help prevent this. Clogged gutters cause water to fill in and eventually get into the house if left unattended. While this can happen to clean gutters as well, this usually happens gradually over a longer period of time. Installing a gutter guard can decrease the amount of maintenance you have to do for your house by a significant amount.

With the roof being exposed directly to sunlight, gutters can be annoyingly good for life to grow in. With a constant source of sunlight and water collected from rain, seeds swept up by the wind can find all the nutrients for it to grow. Besides the dirt and debris, you’ll definitely have more trouble keeping it leaf-free. Gutters are the last place you’d want to find a leafy habitat to flourish in.

Unfortunately, it’s not just plant growth you’d have to watch out for. Wild animals like squirrels or possums may sometimes find house gutters a neat place to settle into. The best leaf guard can be fitted to make it a little less comfortable for them to bury into, along with the food, fur, and waste that come with them.

Preventive maintenance can go a long way. When the water fills in your gutters due to a blockage, the weight of it can cause your gutters to sag and leak. Leaving debris in there long enough also adds to the weight of it, and soon enough you might just notice your gutters leaning away from your house’s structure and eventually completely break free, becoming more tedious, more expensive installation headache than a simple gutter guard would have been.

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