Reaching Out With Cherry Pickers and More

One of the important problems in construction work is when you need to reach for a high area. This is where cherry pickers and similar lifts come in. These mobile pieces of equipment are very useful when it comes to providing access for your construction.

A bit of background


Cherry pickers have an interesting history. The first of them were designed for work in cherry orchards. Cherry trees are actually pretty tall and reaching for all of those fruits is pretty difficult by hand. In the past, people had to climb up the trees or use long sticks to shake them off the trees. However, this was both dangerous and led to the crop being damaged.

This is why cherry pickers were developed. These trucks had man-sized buckets that lifted harvesters to the top of the trees and allowed for harvesting of cherries without any trouble. However, it quickly became obvious that cherry pickers have several advantages over the normal way of doing things. Nowadays, these trucks are called under a variety of names like travel towers or something similar, and they are a great help to any construction effort.

Access to Heights

One of the primary reasons you’ll want a cherry picker is to reach higher locations. You might be surprised at how many times that this comes up in construction. Most of the time, people have to reach a location outside of a building to fix or add something like a sign. You might think that a ladder would be enough, but a cherry picker is often the better solution.

It all comes back to the space it provides a person. A ladder only allows people to bring up what they have on themselves. For example, if you want to bring a sign with you, you will need to carry it with your two hands. However, a cherry picker will be able to carry this for you, without needing you to carry it up a ladder. This is very convenient for many people who work in construction.


An additional advantage to cherry picker trucks is that they are very safe. When you work on a ladder, there is a rather large chance that you will fall off. However, when you hire a scissor lift in Sydney the chances of you falling will disappear. This is because of the stable platform they give you. Unlike ladders or other solutions for working with high locations, a cherry picker truck will allow you to work safely with no problem.

If you’re planning to work on high locations, like radio towers or electrical poles, then a truck like this will be a good renting decision both for convenience and safety.

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