Men’s Underwear And Infertility

Over the past few years, about one in every six couples in the United States have infertility problems. It might be a bit surprising to know that approximately half of the people trying to become pregnant achieve that feat without stress and about one in every 10 couples in the United States are involuntarily infertile and the males accounts for a much larger percentage of these cases. There are several causes of infertility especially in men such as psychological problem, physical problem and hormonal disturbances.

Nowadays, there are a lot of treatment options available to choose from. While some of these treatment options will work for you, it might not work for other. One of the causes of male infertility is testicular damage which hampers the ability of the testicle to produce enough sperm. Once the testicle is damaged, it will be unable to regain its sperm making capabilities which can be likened to menopause stage in women and it will be a bit difficult to treat. Despite the limited ability of several medicines to properly treat male infertility, lots of reliable treatment options are available in the world today for its varied causes

Can Men’s Underwear cause infertility?

For over hundreds of thousands of couples that have infertility problem, one of the common causes is low sperm count. But maybe something as simple as wearing quality underwear and changing it more often can actually make a difference. The major factor to consider is the temperature of the testes. In order for you to be able to produce an adequate amount of sperm to form a baby, the core body temperature must be a bit higher than that of the testes. This is one of the reasons why the testes is located outside the body where it can easily get the feel of the breeze so it can easily cool off. The temperatures of the testes can increase when the male underwear is brief resulting into overheating. If the testes tends to go above its normal temperature, they will be unable to produce quality sperm, which then results into low sperm count. Wearing a male underwear that’s too tight the night before a romantic date is not good for your health. Tight male underwear can cause the testes to overheat thus reducing the quality and quantity of sperm produced.

How to optimize your testes

If you are looking for the best way to optimize the testes and maintain optimal temperature, here are some helpful tips to follow

  • Put on quality underwear and avoid wearing briefs especially when engaging in any sporting activities
  • Wear looser quality male underwear such as boxer shorts at all times especially if you sit for a longer period of time
  • When you are at home alone or with your partner, you can possibly take of your underwear. This will not only normalize the testes temperature but it can also turn her on
  • Stay away taking long hot showers and avoid using saunas or hot tubs
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