People with Diabetes Can Live Healthy


Diabetes mellitus, popularly known as diabetes is a metabolic disease that arises due to high sugar levels in the body because there is inadequate insulin production by pancreas or the body cells is not responding to the insulin produced. Common symptoms includes increased hunger and increased thirst that results from frequent urination. If left unchecked, diabetes can lead to serious complications such as kidney failure. Persons with type1, type2 and gestational diabetes will only require correct health management to keep correct sugar levels in your bodies.

dmType 1-diabetes is as a result of the body not producing any insulin and is commonly referred to as insulin- dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. People with this type of diabetes will be required to take insulin injections and other medications for their entire life since there is no cure. The patients will also be required take regular tests to check sugar levels in their blood. Proper diet that is recommended by doctor will enable the patient to keep the diabetes in check and avoid it into becoming chronic and complicated. It is also important to do exercises that help you to monitor your weight.

Type 2-diabetes mainly results from the body not producing adequate insulin or the body cells are resistant to insulin. This type constitute to the majority of people who suffer from diabetes but most have manage to control by following special diet, monitoring blood glucose level, losing weight and doing exercise regularly. Obese people are at higher risk of developing type 2-diabetes because of the body fats that destabilizes the metabolic and cardiovascular functions. Also the patients should avoid smoking as might complicate the diabetes beyond manageable levels.

Gestational diabetes basically affects pregnant women in their gestational period and is also diagnosed during the same period. It results when the body produces inadequate insulin to breakdown the high levels of glucose in the body. Females affected by this diabetes will be required to control it by doing exercise and take special diet. Medications on controlling the blood glucose level might also be necessary. If the diabetes is left unchecked it can cause complications for the mother and the baby during birth. Also the baby could be born big than usual.

People with diabetes mellitus should be able to live healthy life just by practicing good health practices as recommended by doctors. They should avoid various lifestyle practices that are unhealthy by not working out. Be cautious on the foods that contain too much sugar like sodas and foods with fats. And remember that regular medical checkup will help you stay health and early treatment in case of any ailment.

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