Safe Diet Regimen for Weight Loss


With all the weight loss products available in the market today, it is difficult to pinpoint which among them is the most effective. The truth is, not all regimens are proven to be safe and healthy. In fact, some can be dangerous to the body especially because human beings are created differently in terms of anatomy and physiology. We all know that the key to weight loss is diet and exercise. It sounds simple but when you consider the context of real life, these two elements are more than simple. If you want to know the best diet regimen, here are the safest and most effective:

Drink plenty of water or any beverage with zero calories

More often than not, people get confused with the concept of hunger and thirst. This leads to the intake of high calorie food because of the wrong signal transmitted from the brain to the body. Whether you are hungry or thirsty, water is the safest food product. If plain water fatigues your taste buds, citrus juices are good alternatives. Brew infused teas like peach or mango are also great beverages because they give a lot of flavor but not a single calorie. To be sure, always determine what your body wants.

Choose your nighttime snacks

Craving for food a few hours after dinner is a normal bodily response. While the human body is up and awake, energy is being consumed, which means that fuel is again needed by the body. Uncontrolled eating habits usually happen at nighttime as exhibited by many overweight individuals who eat chips and high-calorie snacks in front of the TV. This is an example of the so-called ‘eating amnesia’ or mindless eating. This eating habit should be corrected by consuming healthier snacks. Low calorie foods such as low-fat ice cream or low calorie cookies are better substitutes. These types of snacks provide the same satisfaction.

Be physically active

Keeping the body physically active does not only mean that you have to engage into exercise. For as long as you can keep the body in a mobile state, then fats and calories are burned. Becoming physically active can be in the form of outdoor workout activities such as marathon races, hiking expeditions, biking courses and dancing classes. Mere walking is a good form of exercise. If you can manage to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day for walking, then you are assured of burning some calories daily. Although this regimen is slow in pace, the results will tell you otherwise.

Keeping the body healthy is a responsibility. Apart from practicing good eating habits and participating in fitness programs, quality sleep is also an essential factor in contributing to the wellness and good health of the body. Consider the above-mentioned tips and make them a lifelong habit.

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